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Light Human Hotels - Chicago

Pershing Road Buildings Chicago, United States

Light Human Hotels - Chicago

Pershing Road Buildings Chicago, United States

We are excited to announce we have been shortlisted as a finalist in the C40 Reinventing Cities Competition. LIGHT HUMAN HOTELS are honored to be considered as a partner.Thanks to Clement Blanchet Architecture, developer's and all involved on this very nice project in Chicago.

The competition is a call for urban projects to drive carbon-neutral and resilient urban regeneration across the globe, and to implement the most innovative ideas to transform under-utilised sites into beacons of sustainability.

Hotel, SPA and Gastronomic Hub Light Human Hotels

We want to create a new attraction for tourists. This is the reason why we are planning bring a new Hotel Concept in town, directly imported from France.

The hotel market is changing. While many of the large chains offer service and deal structuring inflexible, the way we work is entirely flexible and tailored to needs of the manufactory village.

We want to create a new LIGHT HUMAN HOTELS, which translates as “a vision of things to come,” entirely focused on the customer approach. Every Light Human Hotels is different, an individual expression of local soul: a unique interpretation of culture and space. It is a transgenerational concept, designed for the millennials, but which is also aimed at a wider audience seeking a proposal where service is given priority over constraints of hotel management.

Families are the link between generations. Inspired by French aesthetics, charming and sophisticated while remaining accessible, LIGHT HUMAN HOTELS introduces its unmistakable French Village, a taste of French Savoir Faire with Horticulture, Patisserie, Handicraft and Arts Ateliers for Kids. The hotel also offer a 24H restaurant linked to a potential Food Markets Incubator, signed by Baptiste Denieul the youngest michelin starred Chef.

Last but not least, LIGHT HUMAN HOTELS will open a SPA with his partner NUXE SPA, a magical and warm space where men and women can re-fuel and reconnect their body and mind.

Night Life and Entertainement:

Our team will transform pershing road buildings derelict and disused spaces into unique eating and drinking environments, all bringing great street food, brilliant booze and vibes to people of Chicago.

Everybody can join the skylevel to experience an amazing view on the Chicago Skyline, film screenings, yoga classes, exhibition previews. With rooftop soccer field, urban agriculture, park views and bars stocked with craft beer brewed four floors below, made by Chicago’s Pershing Factory. During the second stage we will work to find the best way to create a unique entertainement experience to every visitors and villager !

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