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Iconographic Design
Muzéo Iconographic  Design

ARTWORKS TIP: Study and understanding of the Light Human Hotels concept. Development of the emotional scenography brief of the global concept with its articulation for local variations on sites of various typologies. Accompaniment in the methodology of implementation of the concept. Curation and sourcing of artworks.

STUDIO IMAGE: Creation of an artwork line in the form of a collection to guarantee the same coherence in the identity of the concept. Customized design of the scenography, signage, Sculpture, Framing, Paintings,pics, Artistic light, Artworks and reproduction. Technical development for implementation of elements in a logic of variety of standards, international requirements. Rights management.

WORKSHOP: Expert in the manufacture of the artworks in our EPV-certified workshops: framing workshop, printing workshop, blinds manufacturing workshop, finishing workshop, signage workshop. We provide LHH with our production skills in various fields. We offer bespoke solutions and creations specifically for LHH. We support Light Human Hotels in its international development by adapting to the technical and logistical requirements of all countries.

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